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Calculate the Number of Days Between Two Dates



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    Chi-Pa Choi

    Good that you created this node but

    a) Putting the output all fields option in "optional" and not "output" is a continued lesson in D360 you have to search everywhere.  All should be the default - when would a user just calculate workdays in isolation?  Even if they did then "all" as default changes nothing.

    b) why make the default input text?  Surely the most common use of nodes is in a flow, (apart from data acquisition nodes) not as hard typed inputs?  You are making people then have to do two sets of clicking to be able to input dates from a node.

    It looks like this useful calculation was done in isolation with not enough thought of how it is used in practice.

    btw, being able to do date +/- [x] workdays would also be very useful

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