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Logic Error Logs


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    Gerard Cafaro

    Logic / node errors would show within the UI. When a node fails, it will produce a warning and/or error in the left-hand panel with the full details. Depending on your product version, the node-specific logs will also be available through this same message. Although, generally the errors displayed in the UI are sufficient for troubleshooting without needing the node logs or system-level logs. 

    If the error was part of a scheduled run, a temporary state of that run is saved within the scheduled run history so that you can view the execution's history and/or its errors. The historical runs can be viewed via the Runs option from the main menu:

    Once in the Runs section, click on any of the executions. Within the right-pane, click the Data Flow link to view the historical execution.

    The availability of these historical runs are dependent on the system-level scheduled run settings: for ad-hoc (non-scheduled) runs, this is controlled via Settings > Runs and for scheduled runs, this is controlled by Settings > Scheduling.

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