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SSL Disable Port 8080


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    Adrian Williams

    The Connector in the <install directory>/tomcat/conf/server.xml redirects incoming connections on port 8080 to port 8443. Given the other SSL-related changes you have made to configure the application to listen on 8443, the application itself is no longer using 8080. If all your clients have changed their browser bookmarks to use 8443 then it could be commentd out but there are no negative impacts to keeping it in.

    Your end users connect to the service on port 8443. The service is already started on the server. The Stop port is used internally by the application and is only needs to be accessible on the loopback adaptor and not from external machines. The services are stopped using the shutdown script (Linux) or via the Services panel (windows server).

    The resource in the third link is for Desktop instances, not Server instances and was intended to explain how the Desktop application could be modified post-install to use a different port if another application on the user's machine needs to run locally on port 8080 - it does not relate to configuring SSL. The article will be updated to clarify the use case.

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