Data3Sixty start in Edge, while default browser is Chrome



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    Gerry Mullin

    Are you using the Desktop version and when you hit Start Data3Sixty Analyze it will be default open Edge? That means you have html files set to open with Edge. If you navigate to any html file on your computer or go to the one that D3SA will open by default if you don't have one on hand which is likely to be in this location for you:


    C:\Program Files\Data3SixtyAnalyze\webapp\loading


    Right click on loading.html -> Properties -> Open with -> Set this to Chrome. You just need html files to be opened by Chrome rather than Edge. You can also just create a dummy html file on your desktop called x.html, change the properties and delete it right after.

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    Benjamin van der Kwaak

    Thats it! Thank you very much.

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