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Modify Fields Node


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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Jamie,

    we have discussed this offline, but I will also reply here for the benefit of other users who may have a similar requirement:


    We have a roadmap item to deliver a new 'Reorder Fields' node that allows you to specify the field order without any scripting. This will be available in Q2 2019.


    In Data3Sixty Analyze the field order for intermediate data is not guaranteed in all circumstances. However, you can currently use the Transform node to set the field order prior to passing the data to an output connector node such as Output Excel, etc.

    As an example I will use the default data in the Create Data node.

    If you want to only output a subset of the fields in a data set the easiest way is to use the Modify Fields node:

    The Modify Fields node will output the selected fields however it does not change the order in which they appeared in the input data.

    You can then use the Transform node to set the desired field order. You can use the field picker on the ConfigureFields script property’s context menu to insert the field name:

    Insert a line in the ConfigureFields script for each field to be included in the output data set.

    The field picker will insert field references using the fields.<fieldname> notation (or fields[‘field name’] if the name contains spaces).

    You can also type in field references using the in1.<fieldname> or in1[‘field name’] notation.


    The data output will be reordered to match order in the specified metadata:




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