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Setting cookies in a HTTP node



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    Stony Smith

    It is likely that you could work with the headers the way you have been trying to, but it's easier to use the built in feature(s) for working with Cookies.

    In the first HTTP node, you won't have cookies coming in, so you can leave the "Cookies" field blank.
    You will then pick "Response" for the CookieAccumulation (only retain cookies from the response)
    And any field name you wish for the CookiesOutputField.

    Then, in the second HTTP node, you select "Cookies(FromField)" and give it the field name you selected above.

    It's your choice whether to then only do CookieAccumulation for "All" (merge the first and second sets of cookies) or just "Response" (only use the cookies from the second http node - don't merge them together)

    Then, you can again decide to output the cookies to a field from the second HTTP node. I've found it's easier to rename the field each time as you go from node to node, because the node doesn't like overlaying the same field name from input to output (unless you work with the PassThroughFields parameter)


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    Martin Hamilton

    Thanks Stony - all sorted now. 





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