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JDBC Drivers, data flows and properties removed upon upgrade



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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Martin,

    I'm sorry to hear of the upgrade issues you are having.

    Just to confirm - did you choose the upgrade existing installation option during the install? The data flows should be  maintained when doing an upgrade rather than a clean install.

    When restoring from a backup post-install (as opposed to re-importing the set of exported data flows) the 'executions' folder needs to be copied into the site\data folder, as described in Section 2, point 10 of the Dataverse Desktop Installation Guide.

    Re. the JDBC driver, where was this installed on your system prior to the upgrade?

    Thanks, Adrian

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    Martin Hamilton

    Hi Adrian


    Unfortunately I had to rely on IT undertaking my upgrade due to admin rights not being available on my profile.


    So it looks like it did a fresh install which removed the data flows and the JDBC driver.

    My mistake apologies, all is working fine now.



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