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    Rocco Pigneri

    Dear Robert,

    I want to thank you for your feedback.  I am currently working with our engineering team to take in all customer feedback around this issue as this feature is generating a lot of demand.  I will alert you if there are any changes to our roadmap on this issue.

    I do want to inform you that, as of right now, this feature is targeted for release in Q3 which, while still a bit far, is closer than the end of the year.

    Hope that helps,


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    Holger Schimanski

    Dear Robert!

    Inline documentation is very important for creating cutom nodes. I want to be able add description text to parameters (when hovering over the label of the parameter - see screenshot below currently already possible) and also include a webpage with documentation like it is done for the standard nodes (at the top of the configure tab there is a link to the description of the node from the documentation - see screenshot how to replace link to "Composite" by a custom composite node not possible at the moment).

    Best regards

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    Dave Stacey


    The ability to self-document a graph/node/parameter is one of the biggest missing features in Dataverse when compared to Lavastorm and I'd like to see this functionality added as soon as possible.


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