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Dataverse - add Run parameter to Pattern in Directory List



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    Rocco Pigneri

    Dear Jenny,

    I believe you want the Directory List node to output all filenames that contain the Spec_Month in their name.  You can do so by putting the following in the Pattern property:


    When properties are written using the {{^ notation, the {{^ParameterName^}} is simply replaced with the parameter value when the node is run.  There is no need for plus signs, quotation marks, or any other punctuation.

    In this case, the value in the Pattern property will contain the following value when the node is run:


    As for adding the current date in the output file name, you could do that by typing the following in the File property:


    Just so you know, the {{^CurrentDate^}} parameter became available in 3.0.5 which was released a few days ago.

    Hope that helps,


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    Nick Lancaster

    Hi Rocco

    can the same parameter explained in


    be used as input parameter in SQL statement?

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