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    Adrian Williams

    The Dataverse Desktop edition is intended for use in a single user environment (e.g. on a machine dedicated to a single user) rather than a shared environment. Multi-user environments will be supported in the Server editions which will be available later this year (Spring 2017). The current version of Dataverse Desktop (Release. 3.0.3) accepts incoming connections on any interface adaptor on the machine. In Dataverse Desktop Release 3.0.4 this has been changed to only permit incoming connections on the local loopback adaptor of the machine where Datavere has been installed (i.e. the'fqdn' element in the URL will only be permitted to be localhost or

    Only the user for whom Dataverse was installed will be able to use the Dataverse instance.[Edited]

    Dataverse Release 3.0.4 will be available later this month.



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