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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Michael,

    there is no version history as such for saved versions of a particular data flow (the Undo functionality will allow you to step back during the current edit session).

    You can use the Save As functionality to manually create separate data flows for each checkpoint you want to retain.


    From the Dataverse directory you can also export a data flow as a .lna file and later re-import the data flow to revert to the earlier version. Note that it is important that you save the more recent version as a separate data flow if you do not want to overwrite it when re-importing the data flow.


    We are looking at providing support for integration with a Source Code Management system in a future release.

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    rakshit bhargava

    Hi Adrian,

    Does D3S Analyze latest version provides any kind of version control or can it connect to any third-party application for version control?



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