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Error using HTTP node - SSLHandshakeException



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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Robert,


    I think there may be some issues with following the instructions you referenced for the following reasons:

    - The certificate export instructions indicate a DER encoded binary X.509 .CER file should be used. However for Dataverse, this should be a base64 encoded X.509 .CER file.

    - The certificate import instructions will import the certificate into the keystore for the default install of Java on your machine. When Dataverse is installed, it deploys its own Java instance within the Dataverse installation directory. This Java instance has its own keystore into which the certificate needs to be imported.

    The procedure for configuring certificates can be found in the 'Technology-specific guides' --> 'SSL configuration' section of the integrated Dataverse Help (accessed via the ( i ) menu button). (or 'Reference' --> 'SSL Configuration' in recent releases)

    The topic can also be accessed in the online Dataverse Help here:


    [Edit: ^ Updated URL]



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    Robert Eddy

    Thanks Adrian, that did the trick.  I followed the instructions in the last section, Importing the Certificate, and the http get now succeeds.  


    Thanks, Rob

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    Rocco Pigneri

    Good to hear, Robert.  We appreciate your getting back to us.

    Feel free to create another post if you have any additional questions.


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