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Configuration and network port



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    Adrian Williams


    The Dataverse 3.0.x releases are Desktop editions of the Dataverse product. As such they are only supported on Windows Desktop/Laptop 64-bit machines running Windows 10 or Windows 7.

    The Desktop editions are intended for use by, and are licensed for, a single user on the machine. When a user accesses the Dataverse UI via the http://localhost:8080/editor URL the user is not asked to enter their credentials (since they are the only user of the application).

    The Dataverse Desktop application only binds to the localhost network adaptor of the host machine to prevent incoming connections from other machines on the local network. This is an intentional restriction on the application to:

    1.  Prevent (potentially malicious) connections to Dataverse from other machines on the network - as the remote user would not be authenticated and would have access to your installation, including any data flows and intermediate data.
    2. Enforce the licensing restrictions for the Desktop edition.
    3. Obviate Windows Firewall issues during installation of the product which would require the user to approve the application binding to an external network adaptor on the machine.

    Lavastorm will be releasing Dataverse 3.1.0 in April which will deliver a number of Server editions in addition to the current Desktop editions. The Server editions will support the Windows Server 2012R2 64-bit platform.


    Best regards,


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    Shu Ting

    Thank you. Look forward to the 3.1.0 release.

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