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Text to Column



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    Catharine Coleman

    Hi Khai,

    Yes, there is a node that can do this quickly.  It is called the"Delimited File" node.

    I created a file that contained one line that looked like this:

    Col 1&Col 2&Col 3&Col 4

    I ended the line with a carriage return.

    I dragged the Delimited file node to the canvas and filled in the following properties under Input:

    • File - I specified the file I created above
    • FieldDelimiter - &
    • RecordDelimiter - \n

    I then ran the node.  It produce 4 columns named Col 1, Col 2, Col 3, Col 4

    Let me know if that works.

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    Catharine Coleman


    If your data is already present on an output pin, then you could try processing it with a filter node.  In the filter, use this code:


    emit t[0] as col1
    emit t[1] as col2
    emit t[2] as col3


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