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Location of saved data flows



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    Catharine Coleman

    Hi Mark,


    If you are saving from within your data flow, it actually gets saved to the Dataverse database. This is only used by Dataverse and you can't see it.

    To save your dataflow outside of Dataverse, exit your dataflow so that you are back to the main Dataverse screen.  Select "My Documents" on the left said, then click on your dataflow so that ii it highlighted.  With your datafloe highlighted, select the More Actions button (3 horizontal bars) on the far right side of the page and select "Export".  This will allow you to save it outside of Dataverse.

    Please let know if this answers your question.




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    Nick Lancaster


    When Catherine says "gets saved to the Dataverse database" is this database on my PC?

    If I needed to reinstall Dataverse am I able to backn up this database so as not to lose my data flows.

    I am using desktop version of Dataverse.

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    Adrian Williams

    The database is stored on your PC however you cannot necessarily backup and then restore it at a later date (for instance if the backed-up database was from a different version of the application to that currently installed). You can use the export and import mechanism to manually export your data flows and subsequently import them if necessary. You can export each data flow separately or export multiple data flows as a single archive (.lna) file. You can select the required Data flows in a folder using the standard keyboard controls (Ctrl + A / Shift + Click / Ctrl + Click).

    See the information in the 'Getting started' > 'Importing and exporting documents' help topic or the equivalent information here:


    [Edit: ^ Updated URL]

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