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    Ian Pollicott

    Hi Rocco


    I have gone to https://console.developers.google.com/projectselector/apis/credentials?pli=1 and there appears to be some changes to this process and it is not clear how to proceed. Would it be at all possible to update your answer?


    Many thanks



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    Rocco Pigneri

    Hello, Ian,

    I'm having trouble reproducing your situation.  I have run through the steps 2 and 3 in the Knowledge Base, and this is what I see.

    When I click the link you provided, I get the following screen:

    When I click the button on the right labelled "Create a Project", I see the following screen:

    I give it the name and press "Create".  

    If you haven't set up a new project in a while, you'll see the following screen instead:

    We aren't so concerned about your answer for the first Yes/No question.  However, you will need to click "Yes" to the final one in order to enable the "Create" Button.

    Clicking the "Create" button makes the following dialog appear for step 3:

    I then click "Create Credentials" and click "OAuth Client ID":

    Are you seeing different screens, Ian?  If not, would you mind pasting in some screenshots in your response?

    Thank you,


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