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Issue Connecting Oracle DB




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    Stony Smith

    With windows and dlls.. i'm not certain whether  you should set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or simply add the folder above to the PATH.

    Either way, I would select only one of the two folders at a time and yes, you do need to stop/restart the DataverseServer process after you make any such changes.

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    Dwayne Ramsay

    Thanks for the feedback Stony.

    I have resolved the issue as follows:

    1. Ensure Windows PATH includes folder location of 64bit Instant Client - this is placed before the 32 bit Client Path. ***Should this pose a problem for other apps I'll remove from my PATH and place in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and see if it still works.

    2. Ensure/Set TNS_ADMIN environment variable is set to the location of the tnsnames.ora - this is necessary so the Instant Client will use existing tnsnames.ora file from another oracle Client install. In my case this was necessary because I already have an Oracle 32-Bit Client installed. Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/oci/ic-faq-094177.html#A5028

    3. Restart Dataverse processes.

    Once that was done - it finally worked.

    Hope this helps others.






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