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Deprecated nodes inside core library nodes


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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Donald,

    There is no need to make changes to the internals of nodes that are part of the core node library. Indeed, I would not recommend doing this.

    Over a number of releases we have provided new nodes as replacements for older nodes that were built using nodes that are now deprecated. Where possible the new nodes are direct drop-in replacements. When a new node has been released the existing superseded nodes in a data flow are not replaced. However, going forwards we are considering how we can deliver tools to help users update their data flows to use the latest nodes - allowing them to benefit from the improved performance typically available with the new nodes. It is unlikely that these node update tools would be able to automatically update core nodes where the internals had been modified.

    At this time we have no plans to make product changes to that would prevent the deprecated nodes from operating. However, we may in future release a new version of the product/ mode of operation of the product that requires the use of legacy-free nodes. Use of this new version/mode would be optional.



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