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Secure JDBC connection to PostgreSQL database


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    Adrian Williams

    I've not found anyone that has used that configuration, however:

    The postgreSQL driver documentation indicates the connection url can include the attribute ssl=true to enable SSL. This key=value option could alternatively be specified in the node's DbOptions properties.

    The client configuration section would indicate the server's certificate would need to be installed if it is not signed by a global CA. You would need to install the server certificate as described in the help (Reference > SSL configuration) or https://d3sa-preview.infogixsaas.com/docs/dist/help/Default.htm#h-tech-guides/adding-SSL.htm

    Looking at this post and this one would indicate you need to use the der format for the client certificate. You will need to import the certificate into the Java keystore used by Analyze - i.e. using the keytool command for the bundled java for your install e.g. for a desktop install at:

    C:\Program Files\Data3SixtyAnalyze\jre\jre\bin

    Alternatively, the client configuration information would imply you may be able to specify the location of the files in the connection URL.


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