Seeking Advice from Other DQ+ Customers: Training Developers?



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    Jeffery Brown

    Hi Rob.... From an Infogix perspective, we have customers that are successful who have chosen both paths. We are also making an effort to release more self-training videos on our website and our Help Center.  I'll reach out to a few customers who have made this same decision recently and have them post here as well.  Thanks!

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    Eden Logan

    At the start of a new project, after the installation, we have delivered our DQ+ Fundamentals Training course to a number of customers. The class provides participants with a simple example and practice exercises that they can use to learn the minimum basics of Data3Sixty DQ+. The class takes them full circle, so they get a taste of everything that they will need to create a basic analysis, a dashboard, and then automate the process. I think this will work out well for your team because they will have all of the fundamentals under their belt before they begin working with the Professional Services team. It allows Professional Services to focus strictly on the specifics of this particular installation, and they will not have to use valuable time teaching basic concepts. For more information on Infogix training, visit our training page at:

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