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    Donald Graham

    After bouncing Data3Sixty we were able to access dataflows. Upon further research the log files showed

    2019-06-05 09:38:06 INFO  root:747 - Error closing reader for a Lucene index: No space left on device No space left on device

    The executions directory which shows all the dataflow runs that have been executed was the main culprit in eating up the space.  We need to work on space management of the specific directory and also set up some Linux scripts to warn us of space issues

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    Gerry Mullin

    Hi Donald, as the error suggests your server has run out of space. When you run data flows a lot of temp files are created that you might not need after a certain amount of days. Attached is a very basic data flow that will read everything in your D3SA temp directory and delete files that are over x amount of days old, as specified by the Days run parameter. You can schedule it to run weekly and it should help manage that side of it. Of course if you're uploading or writing out large Excel files that's something else that might be taking up space. You could expand this data flow to handle other directories and think about what time frame works for you to clean out files and ensure you're not hitting your space limit regularly.


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    Delete Temp Files.lna


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    Meng Gao

    Hi Gerry, after deleting temp files, the error still shows again. Does Data3Sixty has purge data process to free up space in the server? Or maybe is there other problems that could cause this error? 

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