Node counts rolled up - need exact number



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    Adrian Williams

    It is not currently possible to configure the UI to display the full record count by default. The rationale for the current operation is to save space on the canvas.

    We do not have plans at this time to implement a user preference control for this aspect of the display but would like to receive feedback from users on the utility of such a feature, either in the comments or as an 'up-vote' using the up arrow to the right of the original post.

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    Don Graham

    Adrian - I appreciate your feedback and in a meeting with several users today most who have used Lavastorm say it is important to their workflow to have the exact number the way they had it in Lavastorm. Not showing the full number does not provide any benefit outside of showing it wasn't a zero.

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    I agree with previous comments
    Indeed, it would be nice to be able to adjust the drawing of the canvas, such as:
    - complete number in the pins labels
    - color of the canvas, with or without grid (useful when we need a copy of a part of the flow to write documentation or report...)
    - floating labels to describe a stream with an explicit comment

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