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Variable Excel Output Path



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    Adrian Williams

    As you indicate the Output Excel node requires a literal value to be specified for the 'File' property and there is no mechanism to provide a lookup of a Run property value to a corresponding file path and substitute the value into the node's 'File' property. You can use a more involved mechanism to result in conditional execution of one of a number of Output Excel nodes depending on the value of the Run property.

    Attached is an example data flow which uses this approach.

    A 'Choice' type Run property is used to define the required environment

    The Environment property is configured with the required choices:

    A Composite node defines the properties for each of the Dev/UAT/Prod paths:

    These paths will be substituted into the 'File' property of the Output Excel node which is to be executed. For example using the following:

    Within the Composite node there is some logic to determine the value of the Environment Run property and then, depending on its value, run the appropriate Output Excel node.

    The first record of the data (separated out using the Head node) is used to kick-off the processing of the Transform node - which retrieves the value of the Run property (if the property is not set this now will generate an error).  A series of Split nodes are then used to 'steer' the record containing the Environment value to one of the Meta Check nodes. The Meta Check nodes validate the number of input records - only one Meta Check node will receive the record, the others will only have the metadata on their inputs. The Meta Check nodes are configured to enable their associated Output Excel node to run if there is one record - so only one of them runs, outputting the data to the specified file.

    Note, the log level for the Meta Check nodes is configured to supress the usual warning indication that would be generated when the validation checks fail for the other two Meta Check nodes. When the Composite node is run it will indicate only some of the nodes were run - this is expected in this case.

    You will need Data3Sixty 3.4.0 or above to import the attached .lna file.

    Attached files

    Variable Excel Output Path - 26 Jun 2019.lna


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    Thanks Adrian, I think this is definitely a good workaround for what I'm trying to do!

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