How to retrieve an attachment that is returned by a SOAP Webservice



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    Jeffery Brown

    Hi Meera,

    The web service layout doesn't support attachments/MIME-multipart responses. Assure has a partial MIME-multipart handling functionality for custom JMS API calls, in which the data is being provided by MIRRORQ, however that isn't necessarily usable here.

    As to using output from one web service call to make a second web service call - in release 9.2 we added a function “@read_layout” for capture processing, which allows you to call one web service layout using work field data and outputting other work field data. Then you could use @read_layout again on another web service layout. We provided this new @read_layout function as a plugin function to release 9.1 also, if this is something you are interested in. 

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    Meera Thomas

    thanks Jeffrey

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