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Use Agg Ex inside Do-while loop



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    Adrian Williams

    Hi Toan,

    you don't need to use a looping construct to determine the account start and end dates.

    In the example attached after importing the data from the Excel file the START_DATE and END_DATE fields are converted from Unicode type to Date type in a Filter node. The data is then sorted by Account ID, Contract ID and START_DATE.

    Within the Agg Ex node, the START_DATE and END_DATE are stored for the first record in each group (where the group is denoted by the Account ID). The logic then compares the END_DATE for each record in the group with the stored end date and, if the current END_DATE is after the stored end date, the stored end date is updated. The account date information is output when all records in the group have been processed.



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    Toan Nguyen

    Thank you so much Adrian!





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