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File Monitor Control



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    Jeffery Brown

    Hi Manish,

    1. This would depend on how the file monitor is set up and use case, but from the description, the easiest way is to set a validation rule per file (file.txt_indicator = false) and an associated result/result action per validation rule. There are a couple of ways to work this and it would just depend on the use case.

    2. This seems to be a license issue and Support should be in touch.  

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    Manish Kulkarni

    Below is how I have setup the control - 


    1. Base directory - <Some directory>

    2. Includes - *.txt

    3. Extract tab - I am extracting FileID and FileName using @filename function

    4. Validate tab - 

    1. Validate When - Always
    2. Validation Check Rule - Using t_contains function to cross check the file name
    3. When Pass - Invoke subsequent control
    4. When Failed - I have attached a result which triggers "file not arrived" notification to my email inbox.


    Problem Statement - If the base directory has 5 files and the file which I am validating in step 2 above is not present then the 4 notifications are generated stating "file not arrived" and has names of files which are present in the base directory. I have attached a screenshot for better understanding.


    Attached files



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