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    Brenda Stoetzer

    Hi Ellen,

    Assure isn't designed to output data to an external source since that capability was incorporated into Perceive and DQ+ instead.

    Thank you,

    Brenda Stoetzer, Support Relationship Manager

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    Brian Butters


    Multi-capture and scan control points can have an export data rule: see More > Manage Export Data. This feature can export to any relational database (JDBC compatible) target table accessible from the server. The system performs simple table inserts in batches to this target. In other words, we don't do anything sophisticated or high-performance in this process, as opposed to the Perceive or DQ+ transfer mechanisms.

    Release 9.1 and above of Assure have an export control data utility that produces bulk-load-friendly delimited files. This particular utility feature is distinctly licensed - you can see its status on Help > About Us as "Export Server Utility Module".

    The upcoming 9.3 release is extending the export control data utility with additional selection command line options around cycles and runs. It is also extending the control point export data rule to be able to produce a similar delimited data file instead of targeting a relational database.

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