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    Stéphane O

    Hi Kristoffer,


    site.prop is in this directory: C:\Program Files\Data3SixtyAnalyze\conf

    not in C:\ProgramData\Data3SixtyAnalyze\

    According to the language used in your Windows version, directory names can be different.


    In "site.prop", I modified these 2 lines:




    I had to create


    in my remove drive E:\D360\data\tmp\


    Now everything is working fine.


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    Thank you for your answer!

    I found the correct conf folder the problem is, I think, that the wrong .prop-file is edited, becuase the problem is still there and it's the same as before. 

    I don't know why there would be an error related to a temp-file in the OLD directory, now that I've changed the .prop-.file? Since I am re-running the node, it should create a new temp file, in the new directory, or?

    Thanks again.

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    Stéphane O



    I faced several issued when I tried to change the temp diretory:


    1- any modifications on the site.prop file was impossible without the admin privileges. I needed to activate them as our IT policy was preventing such actions

    2- I had to create in my NEW directory the sub folder executions. Then the subfolder cache, then the subfolder brain

    hope it will help

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