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Upgrading Data3Sixty Analyze


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    Adrian Williams

    This question was resolved as a support ticket.

    For the benefit of other community forum users, the product software installers can be found in the Analyze downloads section of the support portal, here:



    The Analyze software is available on two parallel development tracks - the Long Term Support (LTS) release track and the Feature Release track. The current LTS release and its maintenance update releases have version numbers of the form 3.4.x. The current Feature releases have a version number of the form 3.5.x. 

    The LTS releases provide compatibility in that a data flow created under a later maintenance release (for example, v.3.4.3 on a Desktop instance) can be imported and run on an earlier version of the same LTS release (for example, a v.3.4.2 Server instance). 

    The Feature releases provide new features and functionality and are not backwards compatible - so a data flow created using a v.3.5.1 instance cannot be imported into a v.3.5.0 instance.

    A new base LTS release is made available approximately every 6 months which rolls-up the functionality that has been delivered in Feature releases since the last base LTS release. For example, the next base LTS release (v.3.6.0) builds on the current 3.4.x release and will include the new functionality in the intervening 3.5.x releases).

    The R node is available as an separate component that can be installed with Analyze to enable you to leverage an external R language environment for data science tasks. It is not part of the Analyze software and is not required for the other data preparation and analytics tasks.

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