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unzipping using python node


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    Adrian Williams

    The generic way to handle renaming a file in python is:
    import os
    os.rename(r'file path\OLD file name.filetype',r'file path\NEW file name.filetype')

    e.g. for Windows:
    import os
    os.rename(r'C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\Test\test_file.txt', r'C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\Test\new_test_file.txt')

    and for Linux:
    import os
    os.rename(r'/home/Bob/Test/test_file.txt', r'/home/Bob/Test/new_test_file.txt')

    The "r" in front of the file name is not strictly necessary with Linux since it uses forward slashes for the path separators rather than the Backslash with Windows. However, it is best practice to include it to make the code more portable.

    The import statement should be included at the start of your script. When using the Transform node it is best to include this in the ConfigureFields script as the import is then performed once rather than for each record.

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