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Referencing case item values within transition scripts in DQ+ case workflows?



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    Rob McCurley

    I eventually found my answer in the help documentation under User Guide/Case Store/Building Case Store Definitions/Other properties/Background processing script syntax:

    To reference any Case Store field in your script, regardless of whether it is an input or an output, use the caseData keyword.

    For example:

    if(caseData.Age <= 30) {

    caseData.Age_Bucket = ‘Under 30';


    Consider this question answered!

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    Jeffery Brown

    Thanks for posting Rob!  One cool feature recently added within this Infogix Support site is that search results now display results that are found within the product documentation. For example, if you search "casedata" there are results that help you find what you are looking for faster.


    More Info:





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