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how to check fixed format files are existed in folder



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    Adrian Williams

    You can use the Directory List node to select files matching a pattern within a directory and then use the MetaCheck node to check whether there is at least one file present that matches the pattern. If there is, the MetaCheck node can be configured to allow specified node(s) to run using Run Dependencies.

    Configure the Directory List node with the directory to be checked and the pattern:

    When run the output data will include a record for each file that matches the specified pattern.

    The MetaCheck node can be configured to check for a minimum number of records on its input:

    The TerminusAction (i.e. on failure of one of the validation tests) is set so that nodes connected to its output (if the output pin is present) and nodes that have Run Dependencies (clocks) connected to it are not run. The SuccessAction is set to enable nodes to run that have Run Dependencies from the MetaCheck node. 

    The output of the Directory List node is connected to the Fixed Format File node and is configured to obtain the filename of the file(s) to be read from the FileName input field:

    You can add a Run Dependency between the MetaCheck node and the Fixed Format File node by selecting both nodes and then using the Right-click context menu option:

    When the nodes are run, if the MetaCheck tests pass the Fixed Format File (and any connected downstream nodes) are allowed to run:

    However if the MetaCheck tests are not passed the Fixed Format File node will not be run:


    For more information see the following topics in your Help documentation:

    Advanced topics > Creating run dependencies

    Node help > Metadata and Structure > Meta Check

    This information is also available online for the latest version of the product here:





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    Hi Williams, thanks a lot for your suggestion.

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