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HTTP node: NoHttpResponseException



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    Gerry Mullin

    I deleted my first reply to replace with this data flow. It gives 3 different options to check if a web page exists:


    1. Using subprocess module - it will execute a curl command and give the result from it.

    2. Using os module - another curl command but you won't see the result, just a result code.

    3. Using urllib2 - probably the most correct way to do it. You must set the parameter DontRunInContainer for it to work. The documentation talks about how to do this in more detail.


    Hope this helps!



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    Check if Web Page Exists - 5 Feb 2020.lna


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    Bart Roeleveld

    Wow, Gerry, this is really really briliant!!!!

    Thank you so much, this absolutely solved my problem!!

    The very best regards from The Netherlands from Bart!!

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