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    Brenda Stoetzer

    Hi Bjorn,

    The ClassNotFoundException errors refers to libraries that aren’t being found by the Java process. The location of the libraries are controlled by CLASSPATH variables, which are defined within your AITE2 script. Working backwards from the variable declarations in the CLASSPATH, I see that the DEPLOY_HOME variable in that script was modified to a location that doesn’t match the deploy location. The first entry is the correct one, but it’s commented out and using a different location:

    # DEPLOY_HOME=$APP_HOME/igx-data/$CONFIG_NAME/IA                             

    # DEPLOY_HOME=$APP_HOME/igx-data/$CONFIG_NAME                                


    The DEPLOY_HOME variable is later used within several other variables, all of which ultimately control the library locations within the CLASSPATH variable. Since the actual location of the libraries don’t match the defined location of the libraries, that leads to the ClassNotFoundException error. To resolve the ClassNotFoundException errors, you should comment out the current DEPLOY_HOME variable and uncomment the one below:


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    Brian Butters

    The class not found error is about a new business service for control point execution that was added in release 9.2. The most likely cause of this error would be using an Assure 9.2 client (which is trying to use this new service), where the client is being connected to an older Assure (9.1 or before) which does not have the service. If you are sure that the Assure 9.2 client is connecting to an Assure 9.2 server, the other possibility is that patch IA-9.2-331342-12 has been applied on the server, but the client side of that patch has not been applied to the client (IAC-9.2-331342-12 or IACZ-9.2-331342-12 in the z/OS case). This patch makes a few changes to this new service, and adds configurability and diagnostics abilities.

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