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Conditional "DbUrl" & "SqlQuery" values for JDBC Query node


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    Adrian Williams

    The JDBC Query and JDBC Execute nodes have been enhanced to support dynamic SQL provided
    from an input field. There is now a from Field option on the SqlQuery property on both the JDBC
    Query and JDBC Execute nodes, to enable you to take the SQL from an input field.

    The DbUrl property value cannot be sourced from an input field. You could use Run property substitutions to specify the elements of the connection URL that need to change depending on the environment the data flow is being run in. See the 'Advanced topics' > 'Using derived property values' topic in the integrated Help. The information is also available online for the latest version of the software here.

    Note also that Run Property Sets were also introduced in 3.6.0 LTS. See the 'Advanced topics' > Defining properties' > 'Run property sets' topic in the Help, or online here


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