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Insight 9.2 Dev



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    Brenda Stoetzer

    Hi Kutcharlapati,

    DId you change the PLATFORM_ID located within your IA.properties?

    Are you utilizing the same Information Source ( with the old platform ID and hostname )?

    Was this a parallel upgrade, where the “old” server is still online? ( and the Information Source is testing successfully still due to it connecting to the old URL etc )

    Insight may be seeing these executions differently than before ( and not place within your control views, etc. ). If the hostname was changed, we may need to clean up event subscriptions ( which we have an article for : https://support.infogix.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020172513-Managing-Remote-Event-Subscriptions )

    Do some of the CEs make it to Insight? If so, we need to determine what is different between those that fish their way into Insight and those that do not?

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    Kutcharlapati Ramanamma

    Thank you Brenda,

    We did not change the Platform ID. It is the same as before.

    We updated the Hostname in the Information source to point to new host.

    This is parallel upgrade, but the test is successful when we point it to the new host (infogixdev.siriusxm.com)


    We can view the few of the control executions in the control view. 

    Will try to clean up the event subscriptions.


    I have different issue regarding control view:

    Users with read access are able to see the control view executions? 



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