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Email Address Source for Assure Alert



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    Brenda Stoetzer

    Hi Barb,

    There’s two locations that this could be setup, depending on whether you have LDAP integration enabled for user attributes.

    If you have LDAP integration for user attributes enabled, then your Assure config will have a “userinfo.directory.properties” file, which contains the following definition for extracting a user’s email address:

    # Attribute to retrieve email address.


    The value specified will need to match the attribute that contains a user’s email address within your LDAP. Since you’re getting this error, that suggests that this user doesn’t have an email address defined within that attribute, which will need to be added within your LDAP. If this error is universal across any user selected for an alert, then that would suggest that the email attribute would need to be updated. The correct value would need to be provided by your LDAP team, followed by a redeploy of Assure.

    If you don’t have LDAP integration enabled, then Assure will contain the user’s attributes. Click on the Users link within the Assure UI, shown below, then click on the necessary user, specify an email address and save.


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    Barbara Ulch

    Wow, awesome fast response Brenda!! You nailed it – we do use the LDAP integration and have the exact property you descried. I see that this particular user does NOT have the ‘mail’ attribute in his AD record, so that looks like the problem. Thanks so much for your help!

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