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Exporting & Version Compatability


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    Adrian Williams

    Unfortunately it is not possible to import data flows created in a newer version of the product into an older version of the product when the underlying data model used to store the data flow has changed - this may be because, for example, a node has been enhanced to provide a new property, etc. 

    Data model compatibility is maintained for release within the same LTS release series i.e. 3.4.0 <--> 3.4.3 or 3.6.0 <-->3.6.1+ and data flows are forwards compatible from one LTS release series to a later release series e.g. 3.4.2 -> 3.6.1.

    From a personal perspective when I post example data flows they are normally developed using an Analyze instance that has broad compatibility with all currently supported releases (3.4.2). However, there have been some cases where the data flow was developed on a later version for expediency (please accept my apolologies for these cases). But in some situations this has been necessary because the funcitonality being addressed relates to features introduced in a later release of the product. Many replies also detail the operation of the nodes and include screenshots of key configuration settings e.g. scripts, etc that can be used to reconstruct the logic (though I realise this is not as convenient as importing the example data flow).

    It would be useful for community members to mention the version of the product they are using when they post to enable us to post appropriate examples.



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