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File Monitor Question



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    Ryan Klaproth

    Wild card characters in the file path are not supported by Assure, and unfortunately, a File Monitor also doesn't check sub-directories of the target directory for files. If you'd like, we can create an enhancement request for this functionality to be included in a future release.

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    Brian Butters

    Ryan and Jodeen:

    It is true that the base directory specification for a file monitor source cannot have wildcard characters - it must reference a full starting directory. However, the file monitor source CAN process subdirectories via the include and exclude filters. Taking Jodeen's example of Infogix_Assure_Common/data/report/*, this could be set to search sub folders as follows:

    Base directory: Infogix_Assure_Common/data/report

    Includes Filter: **/*.txt

    Excludes Filter **/notthese/*

    The above would search all subfolders of the base directory for .txt files (including the base directory itself), excluding the files in any subfolder called "notthese"

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