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Dynamic File Name for Archive Compress



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    Adrian Williams

    It looks like you are conflating the use of a property substitution with the use of the 'from file' source option on the Archive Compress node's DestinatonPath property. If the source is set to 'from field' the node is expecting the value to be the name of the input field that contains the destination path.


    If you want to parameterize the value presented to the Archive Compress node you need to construct the full path in an upstream node, e.g.

    The Create Data node just represents your existing logic that generates the 'File' field.

    The transform node combines the value from the input 'File' field with a string literal containing the target directory path, the path separator and the suffix:

    Which results in the following absolute path:

    Note that I changed the value of the TargetDir to be a directory outside of the source directory. In this case it probably would not be an issue because you have set the pattern to only compress .csv files. Howerver, it may be best practice to store the resultant zip file in a directory outside of the source directory. Also, I retained the suffix in the per your example - resulting in ".zip.zip" at the end of the output file name.

    The Archive Compress node would then be configured to use the value in the TargetDir field:


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    Joshua Campbell

    Thanks Adrian. That was very helpful. 


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