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Is there a limit to the number of executions through the Assure Client (linux) at the same time ?


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    Gerard Cafaro

    There isn't a direct limitation of number of executions, but Linux does have limits on the number of open files or processes that a single user can have running. You can use the command below while logged in as same user that the executions run under:

    ulimit -a

    This will output various user limits, two of which will be the number of open files an the number of processes that user can have at once. Here's a snippet of the output from one of my internal servers:

    open files (-n) 4096
    max user processes (-u) 1024

    The number of processes that 22,000 executions produces would vary based upon how the executions are defined. If they're each a unique script execution, then that would be 22,000 processes, which wouldn't be able to complete concurrently without an increased "max user processes" setting. Likewise, if portion of these executions are capturing from local files, the open file limit would need to be increased as well. 

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