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Remove existing Run Properties and replace with Property Set



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    Adrian Williams

    As an example, assume the initial state is as follows. A data flow specifies some Run Properties:

    Run properties RP_1, RP_2,_RP_3 are used by nodes within the data flow, e.g.

    When the node is run, the output of the node contains the Run Property values:


    Instead of defining the Run Properties in the data flow you want to leverage a Run Property Set so they can be used across multiple data flows but enable you to maintain them in one place.

    From the Analyze Directory view, create a Run Property Set

    and provision it with the required Run Property names and values (note these are different to the original Run Property values above to highlight the different source is being used in the example)

    Save the Run Property Set and open the data flow that is to use it.

    Navigate to the Run properties panel and select the Define tab. Click on the required Run Property's context (hamburger) menu and click the Delete option. Repeat for all of the appropriate Run Properties that are to be sourced from the Run Property Set.

    Save the data flow as a new document (using using the 'Save As' option)

    Switch to the Configure Tab of the Run Properties panel.

    Click the 'Choose and existing run property set' Folder icon. The 'Choose a Run Property Set' dialog is displayed. Navigate to the appropriate folder and select the required Run Property Set. Click the 'Choose' button.

    The canvas is displayed again. The selected Run Property Set is displayed, and is configured with the previously selected Run Property Set:


    Save the data flow (adjust the position of one of the nodes if the Save button is not enabled).

    Run the node and examin the output data. The new values from the Run Property Set are used by the node:

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    Adrian Williams

    Here is a simpler way to convert an existing data flow to use a Run Property Set without the need to create a new version of the document:

    1. Create the Run Property Set (RPS) containing Run Properties with the same names as the Run Properties in the data flow. Assign the Run Property values in the RPS.

    2. Open the data flow. Click on the 'Choose an existing run property set' folder icon and select the required RPS. 

    Where a Run Property defined locally in the data flow and in the RPS, the property will display a 'Restore the value inherited from the Run Property Set' icon click on th icon and the locally-defined Run Property value will be deleted and the inherited value will be displayed. The property will display an icon indicating the value is being inherited from the RPS.

    This method also has the advantage that it is more transparent in that you can view the values of the inherited Run Properties from within the data flow.


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