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Data will not appear in data viewer after running data flow



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    Adrian Williams

    Can you please clarify the problem - are you having an issue when attempting to view the data in the Data Viewer and the node indicates there are records at the node's output pin?

    If so, I have seen a similar issue on earlier versions of the product where a unicode character in one of the fields caused a similar error message. You could try writing the data at the output pin to a file (e.g. Excel or CSV) and checking its contents.

    If there are no records at the output then this type of error can be generated if there is no metadata at the output pin.

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    Sarita Gerbig


    Yes the problem is when I am attempting to view the data in the Data Viewer.  The node indicates there are records and they are recent records.  I am having the issue again today.  Data presents at every output in the dataflow but I can't view any of it.  I was looking at this data yesterday before noon.


    I tried writing the output to excel at various points and get error messages such as this:


    Data is not there.

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