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Create field in Merge Node for left, match and right outputs



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    Adrian Williams

    Switching to the Advanced tab of the ConfigureFields property will display the defaut script used to define the output metadaa for each of the three output pins. The script references the output pins by their index rather than the name (so outputs[0] equates with the top pin which is the left orphans pin). Additional fields can be defined for the outputs as shown below. The value for the output fields are then assigned in the ProcessRecords script.


    An example data flow is attached below (requires Analyze v.3.6.0 or above)


    Attached files

    Merge_Node_Create_Additional_Output_Fields_3.6.x - 18 Nov 2020.lna


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    Sarita Gerbig

    Adrien - thank you so much.  I tried many ways similar to this but forgot to address the new fields in the configure!

    Thanks for being here,


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