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error when opening a Library


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    Originally posted by: stonysmith

    One of the main times when I see this happen is if you have your own graph set as a library to itself.
    Close BRE and do not save the file.
    Edit the BRG with some text editor such as notepad and look at the top few lines.. you don't want any of the "baselib:" lines to reference the same BRG that you have open. If they do, just delete the reference.

    The other time this happens is if you have two nodes with with the identical HANDLEs in separate libraries. This can easily happen if you copy/paste a library node from one library graph to another, and then have a graph which opens both of the libraries at once.

    If you ever want to duplicate a library node into a different library, you should use the keystroke sequence:
    Copy / Paste / Cut / switch BRGs / Paste

    If you already have this situation in a library and can identify which node it is, then use Copy/Paste to generate a clone of the offending node (which gives you a new Handle) and then DELETE the original copy.
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