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In Assure, how do I declare a list work field?



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    Matthew Kennedy

    Hi Rocco,

    The strategy you mention is sound. You are correct that it is not possible to directly make a list field on the work field tab. The team will need to make a layout and define a list field there. Once created, you may add the layout data as a work field.

    I recommend utilizing an XML layout for this, as it is the easiest way to declare a text field that occurs many times :

    Matthew Kennedy

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    Rocco Coetzee

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I actually got it working with a normal text work field. see attached images.

    The first time around I had a null text value exception in the line highlighted in image 2, but after reading the sentence regarding the xml text field that occurs many times, I remembered seeing a work field setting "Occurs" with options once (the default) and many.

    I then tried the option many and presto it worked.

    I successfully tested multiple codes, some that existed and some that did not exits identifying as such.

    Thank you very much for putting me on the right track. 

    On your xml layout suggestion, how do I create one without an actual xml file? or do I have to create a dummy xml file with 1 field structure?


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