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Background Execution Error


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    Adrian Williams

    It's not particularly clear what's happening here. The value in 'Graph Run Properties.png' (2020-10-26) does not correspond with the value displayed in the first error in 'Error screenshot.png' (orange rectangle in below screenshot) - are these taken from the same machine?

    Is this Analyze Desktop? If so, is the user with the issue using the same version of Analyze as other users who can run the data flow? Please provide details of the version(s) of Analyze being used (and whether it's Desktop or Server).

    The value in the orange rectangle appears to be the part of a datetime field as it consists of the time element and the UTC offset. It looks like this string is being validated against a datetime pattern. It may be there is an issue with the use of 'RunDate' or 'RunDateTime' Run properties. 

    You could try adding a Generate Data node to the data flow to check the values being evaluated in the other nodes in the data flow, e.g.


    Details of the built-in Run Property Substitutions can be found in your Help documentation here:

    Advanced topics > Using derived property values > Run property substitution

    and also online here:



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