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Importing old graphs into Data360 with Unsupported script functions



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    Adrian Williams

    Legacy 'Expert' functions were deprecated (but still recognized) in Lavastorm 6.1. Earlier versions of Analyze did not recognize Expert functions and generated an 'unrecognized function' warning. 

    To steamline the migration of user assets from Lavastorm to Analyze, the Analyze application was modified in the v.3.6.0 release to allow the use of legacy Expert functions within BRAINScript. This enabled Expert functions such as sum() , count() , etc to be permitted in scripts instead of the corresponding BRAINScript functions (groupSum() , groupCount() etc).

    There are still restrictions on using certain aspects of BRAINScript in Analyze as advised in the documentation. However, many of the common issues that would previously generate a warning are now permitted, enabling the Lavastorm graphs to import and the relevant nodes to run successfully.




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    Jurgen van Tiggelen

    Thank you for this answer Adrian, happy to hear that most of these functions should atleast work in the start when we migrate.

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