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Checklist before upgrading Data3sixty 3.6.8


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    Adrian Williams

    You should review the points listed in section 4 of the Data360 Analyze Server Installation Guide for version 3.6.8. You may also want to consider whether you want to take a Linux system-level backup of the existing installation (e.g. creating tar archive of the installation directories) prior to performing the upgrade.

    You should also ensure the system meets the minimum system requirements for running 3.6.8 (see section 1 of the installation guide).

    When performing an upgrade of an existing instance, execution related data, data flows, users, schedules, etc are retained. When performing the upgrade you should be logged into the system as the same Linux user as was used when the existing instance was installed.

    As noted in the installation guide, the SSL configuration is not retained when the instance is upgraded. This will need to be re-configured once the Analyze software has been upgraded. You should ensure you have avalable the necessary CA certificates.

    It should not be necessary to modify the .profile.lavastorm file when upgrading the instance. However, you may want to take a copy of this for reference especially, if you have customized the contents of the file.

    It is also wise to check you know the Security Store Password used by the existing installation.


    Note also the warning in the following article about how to retain the maintenance log file should an error be encountered during the upgrade process:


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