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Schedule specific temp files cleaning rule



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    Adrian Williams

    There is no built-in mechanism to automatically delete the temporary data associated with the execution of a particular data flow.

    If you are running the data flow manually (i.e. not under a schedule) then you can delete the run data for a data flow from the properties panel in the Analyze Directory view:


    The temporary data that is generated when a data flow is executed is stored in a sub-directory of the system's '<dataDir>/executions' directory, e.g. data-7731/executions.

    The execution data for a data flow is stored in the data-7731/executions/<username>/<data flow name> directory. 

    You could consider building a data flow that used a Directory list node to recursively retrieve the list of execution data files associated with the data flow by setting the Directory List node's DirectoryName property to



    [Note the use of the '+' character to represent a space character in the name].

    Your data flow could then (using a Transform node with a suitable Python script) filter the files to only include those older than your desired retention period and the files could be deleted, e.g.


    #### ConfigureFields Script

    import os

    out1.result = unicode

    #Configure all fields from input 'in1' to be mapped
    #to the corresponding fields on the output 'out1'
    out1 += in1


    #### ProcessRecords Script

    currentDate = datetime.datetime.strptime("{{^CurrentDate^}}","%Y-%m-%d") # get today’s date as type DATE
    daysAgo = currentDate - datetime.timedelta(days=30) # Get the date 30 days ago.

    if in1.Modified <= daysAgo:
        out1 += in1


    Note. Do not remove any contents of the 'cache'  directory that is in the 'executions' directory.

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    Sébastien Godet

    Thank you Adrian Williams.

    It is working and can be used, thanks! 


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